At Enhance Dental we specialize in Doctors owning their own practice and having the support and benefits that they would normally find in corporate dental. Our Doctors are our partners - we are mutually invested in the success of the practice and support our Doctors in providing quality generational care to their patients in the communities they serve.

From Our Doctors

Being the owner of a highly successful practice, I was not seriously looking to join a group. However, as I began to explore the opportunity with Enhance, I saw the model they have as a way for me to maintain my ownership and partner with an extremely dynamic group that would ensure my success no matter the direction dentistry goes in the future. 

I decided to partner with Enhance right out of school. As a fresh dental school graduate my focus was to find mentorship, buy-in opportunity, and a practice that allowed me to express myself as the type of doctor I wanted to be. 

Enhance has all the beneficial resources of a DSO, while maintaining a private practice feel and working with you to achieve your goals. Coaching is available to help you learn more procedures, learn how to communicate with patients, and even collaborate with other Doctors and team members to secure your financial future. Enhance truly puts you in control and places your interests first. 

One of the most compelling reasons for me to join Enhance was that I had the opportunity to buy a portion of the practice I was working in, resulting in immediate ownership. This meant that I would have autonomy over the office and that I would be the only Doctor practicing in the location I worked at. I had, and continue to have, the support of Enhance clinical and business mentorship, while I worked on my speed, efficiency and leadership skills. 

What drove me to join Enhance was the amount of mentorship that is available. The doctors truly care about your success and want to help through any case that you may struggle with. We are always sharing tips and tricks on how to make procedures more effective/profitable. I learn from the doctors I work with on a daily basis. 

I partnered with Enhance because I know it was the best decision for my family and for myself. I have actual ownership in my practice and it truly feels like it is my practice. I am able to practice dentistry the way that I want to, and I have multiple
partners there to mentor and help me become the best dentist I can be. 

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Services We Provide

Accounting & Finance

Operational and financial accounting, tax preparation, procedures and controls.


Complete insurance credentialing and renewal process, and negotiation and management of fee schedules.

Revenue Cycle & Collections

Files insurance claims, collects and posts payments, review and follow up of outstanding claims, and appeal of denial of claims.

Human Resources

Employee relations, talent acquisition, payroll, benefits, compliance, employee development.


Provides office procedures and consulting to ensure OSHA and HIPAA compliance.

IT Support

One-stop shop dental management software, remote and on-site computer support, backup and disaster recovery, data management, hardware install and management, and telecom services.


Growing unique brands by partnering with each practice to develop campaigns that meet their market needs.


Ensure suppliers are providing our practices with the best possible service and pricing.

Doctor Pay & Benefits

Three Sources of Income

Guaranteed Day Rate

Production Bonus

Ownership Profits

Clinical Autonomy
Health/Vision Insurance
Short & Long Term Disability Insurance
Malpractice Insurance
401k & Financial Planning Services
Business Advisor for Partner Doctors
Next Level Clinical Mentorship
Continuing Education & Leadership Development
College Football & NBA Basketball Tickets
Corporate Retreats

How are we different from your typical DSO?

Ready to partner with us?

Interested in Selling your practice?

You have worked hard to build your practice and your reputation. When the time comes to transition out of practice and into retirement you deserve the assurance that your patients and your team will be well cared for. Our goals are to ensure that you are compensated well for your hard work and that your practice is nurtured and continues to develop by team that shares your vision and treatment philosophy.

Burdens Stacking Up?

  • Diminishing market value of your practice
  • Rising costs of operation and modernization
  • Insurance problems and an evolving marketplace
  • Pressure from unscrupulous corporate dentists
  • Demanding clinical and management responsibilities

Partner with Enhance Dental

  • Capture maximum value for your practice
  • Continue to practice and earn excellent compensation
  • Share in profits and in other investment opportunities
  • Transfer the stress of practice management to a capable ally
  • Unshackle yourself from long hours and high stress

Secure Your Path to Retirement

  • Retire on your own terms
  • Choose your successor
  • Know that you are selling to someone who shares your values and ideals
  • Transition your patients and team to a dentist who will care for and continue to develop your practice