About Enhance Dental

The mission of Enhance Dental is to brighten the smiles of our patients and the lives of our employees in the communities we serve.

Enhance was founded in 2018 by dentists, for dentists. We are not a dental support organization, we are a dental partnership organization. Our partner doctors have ownership in their practice and we work closely with them to achieve their professional goals. Learn more about our foundational principles here.

Doctors, looking to partner with Enhance Dental?


Benjamin Bowman with arms crossed, smiling in a business suit.

Dr. Benjamin Bowman

Chief Executive Officer / Chairman of the Board

Dr. Benjamin Bowman graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 2007. After completing an associateship for a private practice, Dr. Bowman spent four years as a doctor for two different DSO’s. This time taught him the value of processes, systems and leadership. He also saw doctors in these groups crave ownership, but without a clear long term path to accomplish their goals. While attending multiple DSO conferences, speakers consistently devalued dentists due to their lack of business understanding and vision for the future. He realized the market was in need of a dentist that not only possessed excellent technical skills, but strong business skills. He believed a person who possessed both skills would create an environment and partnership model that enabled other dentists to reach their clinical, financial, and business goals. In 2012, Dr. Bowman purchased his practice from his DSO, bought a second practice and opened a de novo clinic. In 2018, with 13 locations, Dr. Bowman formed Enhance Dental with a goal of becoming the premier partnership group for dentists. Enhance Dental allows doctors to be clinicians and maintain ownership in the practice while mitigating the stress of business management. Enhance brings corporate buying power, structure and support to the dentist while also supporting the doctor through regular training and mentorship. This model has been embraced by dentists and since 2018 has grown to 38 practices across three states. Through their minority ownership stake and corporate support, Enhance doctors are able to realize their aspirations and a fulfilling career.

Kelli Howard with arms crossed, smiling in business attire.

Kelli Howard

Chief Operating Officer / Board Member

Kelli graduated with a BSBA from Oklahoma State University in 2005. She spent the next 14 years with an Oklahoma City based oil and gas company with escalating responsibilities culminating in a Director role focused on System, Process and Data Management. She was regularly assigned under performing groups/functions and tasked to improve performance through the implementation of processes and systems. In her role she also managed the departmental integration process for $29B in transactions on the buy and sell side. Kelli joined Enhance in September 2020 in a Lead Operations role and was promoted to COO in March 2021. She has oversight responsibilities for Human Resources, Marketing, Procurement, Facilities, Finance and all Area Operations Directors who are assigned to manage the day to day operations of clinics.

Dr. Jonathan Clarke

Board Member

Dr. Clarke graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 2011 and began working as an associate dentist for a DSO. In 2012 he partnered with Dr. Bowman to open Choctaw Dental. In 2015, they opened a second practice, Harrah Dentistry and Braces. In 2018 he became a founding partner of Enhance Dental and has served on the board since. At that time he sold his ownership in the Choctaw and Harrah practices to the current 30% owners/operating doctors. Dr. Clarke has continued to serve as a full-time doctor and associate in the Choctaw clinic. He has also stepped in at multiple Enhance offices to fill needs and to mentor and support our newer doctors and clinics.

Dr. James Joern

Board Member

Dr. Joern graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry in 2012. Shortly after graduation he partnered with Dr. Bowman to acquire a small practice in El Reno, Oklahoma. El Reno Dental has grown to be a $2M/year practice. In 2018 he became a founding partner of Enhance Dental and has served on the board since. He continues to practice dentistry full-time at El Reno Dental and in July 2021 relocated his practice to a new 12 operatory facility.