WHY Enhance Dental?

AT Enhance Dental we specialize in Doctors owning their own practice and having the support and benefits that the corporate dental world does.

Why Our Model Works

We truly see ourselves as your advocate. This means we’re taking things back to the basics and focusing on what matters the most – what’s best for our patients and our team members.


Dental Students

If you are trying to plan your future, we want to be a part of it–let us help you accomplish your goals. Our Unique system partners new docs with Mentor Docs with years of experience.

Tired of Running a Business

Had enough of running the business but want to keep doing Dentistry. Our systems are for you–let us take the hassle you deal with each day so you can concentrate on doing what you love–Dentistry.

Own Multiple Offices

Our unique platform allows you to have ownership and run multiple practices following a proven system with a dedicated support group.

Ready to Retire

We have successfully transitioned multiple retiring doctors out of their practices bringing in high-quality Dentists that have support from other docs to make sure that your patients get the best care possible.


We provide the platform for all aspects of Dentistry

At Enhance Dental, we still value the autonomy that dentists can create in their individual practices and the relationships they enjoy with their patients and families.

Our Roots

Long before Dr. Benjamin Bowman was a successful dentist he was a successful business owner. By the time he graduated high school he, along with his 2 brothers, had already created a successful lawn care company.

While he has since retired from the lawn care business, Benjamin has brought that same passion and drive to dentistry through Enhance Dental, a group he founded to help like-minded dentists achieve more. “I’ve always been fascinated to learn about business and what makes some companies so successful while others fail”.

Enhance Dental brings together leaders in dentistry where proven systems give them the foundation to build the practices they’ve always dreamed of.