Selling Your Practice

You have worked hard to build your practice and your reputation.

When the time comes to transition out of practice and into retirement you deserve the assurance that your patients and your team will be well cared-for.

Our goals are to ensure that you are compensated well for your hard work and that your practice is nurtured and continues to develop by a dentist and a team that share your vision and your treatment philosophy

Enhance Dental Retirement Path

Established Dentist


  • Diminishing market value of your practice


  • Rising costs of operation and modernization


  • Insurance problems and an evolving marketplace


  • Pressure from unscrupulous corporate dentists


  • Demanding clinical and management responsibilities

Partnering With Enhance Dental


  • Capture maximum value for your practice


  • Continue to practice and earn excellent compensation


  • Share in profits and in other investment opportunities


  • Transfer the stress of practice management to a capableally


  • Unshackle yourself from long hours and high stress



  • Retire on your own terms


  • Choose your successor


  • Know that you are selling to someone who shares your values and ideals


  • Transition your patients and team to a dentist who will care for and continue to develop your practice


Interested in learning more but unsure of what comes next?

Read on about our typical process for how an affiliation works, but please know that every practice is unique and therefore our affiliation process is customized for every office’s needs.

  • PROPOSAL 20% 20%
  • Review 35% 35%
  • TRANSITIONS 99% 99%